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Secret of the Lost Keys is a 2D Platformer Action Adventure Game where you take the role of Captain Keysis, a loyal and brave hero from the Town of Eralia who begins his quest in order to find The Legendary Weapons, the only set of weapons capable to destroy the dark wizard Reg which is destroying the Land of Eralia with his dark magic.


In each level you will need to find a set of Keys that will open the doors that are securing the portal that leads to the next level.

Movement: Directional Keys.
Attack: Left Alt Key
Jump: Left Ctrl Key
Pause/Player Info: Esc Key


Created, Directed, Produced And Programmed By:

José Luis Escobar

Lead Artist and Assets Design

Iván Borja

Original Soundtrack

José Luis Escobar

Extra Assets:

JM.Atencia, Iwan Gabovitch, remaxim, Michel Baradari, qubodup, bagzie and

AntumDeluge from OpenGameArt.com

Install instructions

Extract the rar archive into a folder and enjoy the game. No installation needed.


Secret of The Lost Keys Demo v1.5.rar 14 MB

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